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The Wall Street Journal is a respected publication.


But not long ago they put out a fashion article on what to wear while working from home had Twitter rolling its collective eyes.

The first problem is with the premise. I work from home, and on a good day, I wear pants. Fashion has literally nothing to do with anything that I do. Fashion could not be farther from my mind. If I wanted to pay attention to fashion, I would work not at home.

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In addition to not being relevant to many home workers, this article also misses the mark on what most regular folks spend on clothes.

Take the ensemble in the picture above, for example, which the author proposes for networking at a coffee shop.

The sweater is $125, which is a little pricey, but okay. The pants are $325. The bag is $3,100.

A later ensemble, described as perfect for a “stressful Skype session,” includes earrings that retail for more than $4,000.


Naturally, Twitter had some fun.

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Well, you do want to make sure you’re fashionable for your hallway.

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Oh good. I’d hate for working at home to be freeing in any way.

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Of course, that’s if I remember a postal worker is coming. Otherwise, I’m scrambling to put on something while they’re waiting and my dogs are barking like mad.

Anyway, enough about me. What are your thoughts? Does it matter what we wear if we work from home as long as we’re not terrifying people?