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It’s revenge time, friends!

And if you’ve ever had a loud, inconsiderate neighbor, this one’s for you!

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I found out my neighbor is purposefully slamming doors so I’m playing music very loud.

“I moved into 1 up 1 down duplex and I live upstairs.

Their neighbor sounds like a nightmare…

We share a common back staircase and my downstairs and her family slam doors when going and coming. It’s bothersome but I figured it’s due to poor insulation. She’s not an easy person to live near. Her husband left her because she has a bad temper and she would yell and throw furniture.

She has a new boyfriend who visits often. One morning I was in my kitchen which has a door to the common staircase. He slams the door and she laughs at him and says sarcastically “we shouldn’t slam doors, it’s noisy” and then laughs. Then there’s more door slamming.

She’s been problematic to our neighbors as well and cops have been called about her temper and reckless driving. Recently I was asked to leave by our landlord because he wants to move in his nephew when my lease ends.

Take that!

Today I added “Sound of Da Police” to my playlist and am playing it extra loud and over and over again. I ordered two more speakers so I can blast it from several rooms.

I like opera too so I’ll blast that as well. If I have to leave, I’m leaving her with something to remember me by. Thanks for letting me vent.”

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Pure revenge!

You gotta love it!