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I don’t have kids, but I imagine that it has to be tough to be a parent and to get along with other moms and dads regarding what happens with your kids growing up together.

Because we all know that kids are going to change, fight, and grow apart during those formative years.

The mom who wrote this story on Reddit wants to know if she was out of line for being honest with another parent about their kids.

Read on and see what you think…

AITA for telling another mother our children aren’t close anymore due to intelligence levels?

“My daughter let’s call her Sophie used to be best friends with Kat. They used to be best friends in elementary school but ever since middle school have started to grow apart.

They’re clearly on different levels…

The school split the kids into advanced and normal for math and science. All other classes are still together. My daughter got placed in the advance and Kat got placed in normal. No big deal they still see each other in school. They were still close friends until group projects.

There have been multiple group projects and kids get to pick their partners. Kat and Sophie usually work together, and that is when issues start happening. Sophie would get really frustrated that the work Kat did wasn’t correct.

Things went south…

I told her to just turn it in without fixing it and she got a bad grade on that assignment. After that Sophie went through a period of time fixing stuff after a while I told her to stop doing group projects with her. So they stopped doing projects together and the friendship blew up.

So they are not friends anymore. It’s Sophie’s birthday and invites were sent out. Kat wasn’t on the invite list my daughter made. I got a call from her mom asking why she wasn’t invited.

Time to break the news…

I informed her they aren’t really friends anymore, she said invite her anyways since this is just a spat. I told her the people invited were people my daughter wanted at the event.

This went for a while and came to why they weren’t friends anymore and I said it was due to both girls intelligence levels, and tried explaining the group project issue.

She got mad accusing me I am calling her kid dumb ( never said that). She called me a jerk.”

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I have a feeling these parents won’t be friends anymore…

You can bet on that!