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As the saying goes…my house, my rules!

That’s easy enough to understand, right?

You betcha!

But I guess not everyone feels that way…

Read this woman’s story and see if you think she’s out of line for not allowing her friends to booze it up in her house.

AITA for not allowing friends to drink alcohol in my house?

“I (37f) do not permit Alcohol in my house, and I haven’t for 15 years.

She cleaned up her act.

There is a lot of alcoholism in my family and in my late teens/early 20’s I was a problem drinker. Fortunately I realised before things became too bad and have not had a single alcoholic drink since.

I don’t object to others around me drinking, I just won’t myself and don’t want it in my house. All of my family and friends are aware of this and the reasons why.

A group of my friends and I enjoy playing board and card games. We have decided to have a games night once a month, taking turns to host in our homes. The first two were fantastic and we really enjoyed ourselves. Some people were drinking alcohol, and others weren’t.

She has house rules.

My turn is coming up, and in making the preparation, I reminded people that I don’t allow alcohol in my house, but if they wanted to bring non-alcoholic beer or wine, then that’s OK, and I could make up a few different mocktails.

I thought that would be a reasonable compromise and that people would be fine with not drinking for a three hour event.

Unfortunately that was not so.

Not everyone was cool with it.

Two of the group were extremely unhappy with that. They said that whilst they were aware of my house rule, they just thought I meant that I don’t have alcohol in my house, and that I wouldn’t object to others bringing some.

I don’t know where they got that idea, because all events in my house they have come too were alcohol-free (although I’ve only really hosted brunches and lunches where people tend not to drink anyway).

They also said that not permitting them to bring alcohol was inappropriate and showed I was a bad host and a bad friend.

We did end up in an admittedly petty argument, where they said that I was a hypocrite for not letting them drink, because I was practically an alcoholic at one point, and if I still can’t be around alcohol after all these years then I needed help. I responded and said that if they can’t go three hours without drinking then it was them that needed help.

People are taking sides.

We tried not to get the others involved in the argument, because we didn’t want them to feel like they needed to take sides, but the argument ended up going from an in person one, to an argument on our friend group chat. This has of course led to people taking sides, even those friends who are in the group chat but don’t attend the games nights.

I’m thinking of withdrawing from the games nights because of all the fighting. I still don’t want alcohol in my house, but other people have been saying that I’m in the wrong for not complying with our countries social norm of drinking alcohol at events and parties.

Others have said that there is nothing wrong with me having boundaries and that people shouldn’t automatically expect to be allowed to drink alcohol at every event.

I don’t really know what to think about it, because they are right that where we live has a huge drinking culture and it is more normal than not to drink at evening events.

AITA for not allowing people to drink alcohol in my house?”

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