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Siblings have the unique ability to make their brothers and sisters feel like complete garbage.

And they can do it because they know all the stuff that really makes them upset.

Which brings us to today’s story!

Was this person rude for what they said to their sister?

Get the whole story below and see what you think.

AITA for insulting my sister over a parenting mistake?

“My sister and her husband adopted 15 year old “Jake.” He’s cool, he has his issues but he’s a good kid.

The main reason my sister decided to foster/adopt is because she was told she couldn’t have kids.

I was a bit worried because she tends to be a bit naive but she’s doing pretty well. Jake seems to really like her as well.

There was a big shock.

Anyways, my sister managed to get pregnant and revealed she was 6 months along. We’re all happy for her but Jake’s become a bit snappy.

In my opinion, I think his attitude is understandable considering his background and I’m sure he’s just terrified. I figured my sister knew this and was working on it behind the scenes.

Well she called me in tears last night saying that Jake came home high and started insulting her and the unborn baby. She then cried about how she doesn’t know why he’s acting like this and that he broke her heart.

I was sympathetic but then I wondered, has she talked to him about any possible changes that may come with the baby… has she reassured him or anything like that? I asked her this very gently and she went quiet.

Her sister had an unusual reaction.

She then went “oh… oops? I’m an idiot, of course he’s scared. That makes so much sense.”

I was a little shocked. I mean… she really didn’t talk to him … at all???

She kind of laughed it off and said “dumb blonde moment, my bad.”

She struck back.

That rubbed me the wrong way so I asked her if this was a joke to her.

I then said “I hope you know Jake isn’t a doll you can throw away, he’s your kid now, you can’t have dumb blonde moments… and how on earth is this a silly “my bad” moment???” I won’t deny that I sounded pretty snarky but c’mon??

Things blew up.

She got upset and said that it’s her first time being a parent and I can’t blame her for making mistakes. That she knows he’s her kid and that’ll never change and that my implications are incredibly offensive. She then told me to try adopting a troubled teen with zero prior experience then insult her. I just hung up.

I might’ve been a bit harsh because all parents make mistakes but I feel like she should’ve known better just this one time. Still, she really does love that kid and I know she feels bad.


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