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I’ve met a few couples that like to bicker about who has it tougher: the dad who leaves home to work, or the stay-at-home mom.

And let’s just put it out there that every situation is different, so that’s a tough call…

But the guy who wrote this story on Reddit didn’t hold back on his wife and now he wants to know if he was out of line.

Check out what he had to say.

AITA for telling my wife that I would be perfectly capable of doing what she does?

“I (30M) have a wife (30F) and a daughter (7F). I work in finance and my wife is a stay at home mom as I earn sufficient for the both of us.

My wife is a great SAHM and takes great care of our house. I was lucky to buy a home as I earn well in a medium cost of living city.

There’s a little bit of friction here…

I love my wife but she finds it humorous to say that I am incapable of doing household tasks, we had agreed that she would do them when we decided she would stay at home but I do stuff occasionally when we are both home if she asks me to, but then if I say load the dishwasher for her she will claim I did it wrong just because I do it different than she does (it still cleans well).

The other day we were eating and she told me about her day and how she went grocery shopping and optimized the cost by buying specific items at specific stores and accounting for the cost of traveling to each store and she made an offhanded remark that I would never be able to do that and said it in a “what would you ever do without me?” kind of way.

He had enough.

I replied back saying that of course I could do it, I handle complex decisions and calculations at my work as I work in finance and that I have a masters degree and what I do involves more intellect than household operations even though I acknowledged and appreciate what she does, I would be capable if the roles were reversed.

That didn’t go over well…

She got angry and seemed to think I was calling her stupid when I wasn’t and then cried and now I feel like an *******.

She said she was a very good student and had she graduated she would be in my position as well.

My wife and I met in college but she was an international student studying physics and computer science and she had issues with her loan from her home country and could not afford to complete it and we got married then so she could stay.

Initially she wanted to complete it later after finding the funds but she agreed to be a SAHM when I got a good job and I appreciate that a lot as we were able to have a kid early on even while I was both completing my masters and working full time.”

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