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This story reminds me of something that happened to a friend of mine…

He got married and someone gave him a 12-pack of some really rare beer that you can only find in one specific part of the country.

Fast forward to about a month later and two guys who were spending the night at his house drank all 12 of those special beers because they didn’t know better and didn’t think to ask.


Now, on to this story: was this woman wrong for how she reacted to her stepdad?

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AITA for leaving home after my stepdad drank a bottle of wine that was gifted to me?

“About seven months ago, I (21F) was gifted two bottles of wine from a beloved friend for my 21st birthday.

Someone got into the stash…

I left both at my mom’s house for safe-keeping as I went back to my college dorm.

Well, I went home for the holidays only to find out that they were missing to which my stepfather confessed that he drank it.

I was in disbelief especially since it was clear they were mine (from the very unique packaging and he was present at the gathering), and kept asking whether he was serious. He just laughed each time and said he couldn’t find anything like it, etc. never once apologizing.

I then felt the need to leave.

My mom followed me to my car and questioned why I would leave such special gifts at the house and why I’m just now asking for it seven months later (not true, as I had asked about it 3 months ago while the house was getting cleaned).

She set her mom straight.

She also said that it was an “honest mistake” and that she’ll find a replacement, and what more do I want for her to do…

I proceed to tell her that I left some possessions behind since it’s my home too. I also told her that it seemed like there there weren’t any room for me at her place due to her other family now.

There are other instances where my mom would have a pattern of disfavoring me.

Anyway, my mom then told me that it sounds like I’m making any excuse to go live with my (biological) dad instead of her and how she’s trying her hardest to raise us.

She brought up the fact that she pays for my car insurance and phone plan again (which is true).

Things have been tense in the family…

I decided to live with my grandma upon graduation for my gap year since I don’t feel welcomed at my mom’s anymore, nor can I live with my dad (even though he offered) since it would upset her.

It’s not like I expected an apology, but it would’ve been nice to receive any acknowledgement of how I felt over losing a cherished gift just like that.

But AITA for overreacting/blowing things out of proportion especially after everything she’s done for me?

And am I also being ungrateful by harboring a bit of resentment towards my stepfather over something so materialistic?”

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