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Is there anything cuter than a cat or a dog with an underbite?

You just want to smoosh their faces in your hands because they look so sad and pathetic. But they’re not sad and pathetic! They’re adorable and awesome!

Enjoy these pics of sad, I mean adorable, animals.

1. I’m a big Wilfred fan

2. Awwwwww

3. OMG

4. I love the name of this IG account

5. Surprise!

6. Adorable

7. Only one pokin’ out

8. Extreme close-up

9. Well, hello there!

10. Makin’ it in Hollywood

11. WOW

12. Looks a little unhappy

13. Hahahaha

14. I need this dog in my life

15. And, here’s one more for ya

Those were so cute I think I have to scroll through them again.