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If you loved Bohemian Rhapsody, then there’s a film coming out you MUST go see.

ROCKETMAN chronicles the amazing life of Sir Elton John in an epic musical fantasy that tells an uncensored story of his breakthrough years

The teasers so far have been magnificent.

From this epic commercial highlighting John’s career…

…to the first teaser for the film…

… the anticipate is almost too much to bear!

And now we have another look at how awesome the film could be.

Sir Elton recently held his annual fundraiser for HIV/AIDS research, and Taron Egerton was on hand to surprise the crowd with his INSANELY accurate imitation of John’s legendary voice.

His only request? If he was going to sing, Sir Elton John was going to play.


Seriously, that was amazing.

So… if Rami Malek won a Best Actor Oscar for lipsyncing his way through Bohemian Rhapsody, we’re wondering how Egerton’s going to fair at next year’s Academy Awards. Hmmm….