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Dominique Apollon didn’t realize that doing something as simple as putting on a bandage that was the same color as his skin would have such an emotional effect on him.

But that’s exactly what happened.

He recently told Buzzfeed News about how profound the moment was for him:

“As a black person, I’m not used to seeing products geared to me in national online retailers. The default is typically some type of Caucasian skin tone. I could hardly see it. It just blended so perfectly in a way that if I was walking into a room, no one would even notice it was there.”

People on Twitter responded about having similar experiences.

Like opening a Crayola box for the first time…

Or not realizing that this was such a big thing to others…

And teachers understanding that this is an essential part of their future…

Still, some did say that the color of the bandage didn’t matter.

Apollon responded…

“It’s a cumulative and compounding experience over time. And it fits a broader pattern of exclusion that is even more painful and damaging. I’m not saying that the industry should be designing bandages with shades that match every skin tone in the human spectrum. The point is in a just society, everyone should feel so valued, so embraced, and seen.”

Bravo Apollon!