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Let me make one thing clear…


It makes me sick!

And that’s why I can relate to this story from the “Malicious Compliance” page on Reddit.

Let’s see what went down!

A dirty house stresses you out? Let me fix that.

“My mom is like a terrible hoarder, and for the past two years I’ve lived with her, I’ve tried to clean the house constantly but there’s just no place to put everything.

This is a tough situation for them.

And seeing as I have OCD (diagnosed lol I swear I’m not one of those ppl) it’s been really emotionally stressful for me. Like to the point it’s contributed to me trying to end my life before (back when I was 14) and she just doesn’t care.

This woman, when I first told her I was suicidal over the mess, legitimately said: “well if you care about the mess so much make sure you don’t get blood on the floor when you off yourself” but then played the pity card for money when I was hospitalized.

It got ugly.

I have my own insurance that covered all of my medical bills, she didn’t need any money.

And then yesterday, we got into a huge argument about the house being filthy and she brought up some of my past trauma for no reason, and then said that “she was just as much a victim” and “the house being dirty affected her just as much, if not more than me” and she just kept going while I bawled from the awful stuff she was saying.

It was time to show her!

Then she told me to get out because she “needed a nap, not to hear me complain and whine at her” so I let her take that nap!

And while she did, I did her a favor and un-victimized her by throwing away the huge piles of hoarded clothes, wrappers and bottles, broken glass, boxes she’d saved for 3+ years ‘in case she needed to do a return’, broken remotes, etc.

After a lovely 5 hours straight of filling up trash bags I finally stopped to eat and go to bed, but I got the living room almost completely clean!

Take that!

This morning has been amazing, having a clean room AND watching her be all upset without being able to admit she’s mad.

I threw her stuff away because then she’d have to admit she’s been falsely telling everyone she knows that I hoard (despite everyone knowing it’s garbage because it’s stuff I’d never buy/use) and that SHE’S a clean freak.

Even her bf/ex think it’s hilarious, and keep cracking jokes about how she’s gonna be the next thing in a trash bag.

Genuinely though, this is the best I’ve felt in a while. I love stuff being clean.”

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I don’t think these two need to live together anymore.

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