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Ahhhhhhh, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Don’t worry, we’re not going too far back in history.

But if you’re in the 30-45 age range, the nostalgia will probably come rushing back.

Enjoy…and try not to shed a tear.

1. Orange VHS for days

The Rugrats Movie! With the awesome orange VHS tape
byu/Iamplumbus innostalgia

2. Me, too!

I miss the experience of rental stores
by ingaming

3. Not a winner

Soda caps that told you immediately if you won or not
byu/Breakingbay innostalgia

4. I really miss these

Burning the sickest CDs in the neighborhood.
byu/Jeffrey_Strange innostalgia

5. Did you have this rug?

6. Danger

Who remembers swinging so high that the poles came out of the ground
byu/bigdiggernick009 innostalgia

7. Held all kinds of stuff

Car door ashtrays.
byu/PunchyPractitioner innostalgia

8. The best!

9. There were no rules in this game

Most exciting five minutes of elementary school [FIXED]
byu/sinfulcolors infunny

10. What do I do?!?!

11. OG emojis

12. A childhood staple

School cafeteria chicken burgers
byu/notafuckingcakewalk innostalgia

13. Here, here!

14. Always a bummer

15. Just a little bit different

I was not a well dressed child.

How many of these photos reminded you of your childhood?!?!

Let us know in the comments!