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We’ve all experienced a stain removing debacle. Whether it’s wine on your sofa, pet stains on your carpet or even those gross unwanted spots in your toilet.

What do you do? Try soda water? Or maybe a tide pen? Still, nothing seems to help.

That is until you check out these amazing You-Tubers and their How-To videos. They make stain removal calming and strangely therapeutic.

There is life after stains!

First, the G.O.A.T. – Martha Stewart!

Don’t you love the way Stewart says, “Have you ever squirted a cherry tomato on the front of your blouse?” She makes this sound like you aren’t living until you have. But Wayne Edelman is the true hero in this video.

While he may seem like a stain mad scientist, he’s a genius. He describes the chemical breakdown of the stain and how to combat it.

Mineral Stain Removal by RJ the Bike Guy

Don’t let his YouTube name fool you. He’s more than a bike guy. He’s a fixer. According to his channel, he’s been taking things apart and reconstructing them since he was a child. While he does work on bikes, he’s also a pro with computers and apparently toilet stains.

This video racked up almost 9.5 Million views, and who knew all you needed was some standard house products and some elbow grease. Buh-bye stains!

A deep fabric cleanse

Sometimes our homes need a deep clean and not just because of stains. Akiyiakelly makes cleaning feel like a fun party. With her big personality and passion for cleaning, you’ll want to scrub down your whole home with Dawn and baking soda!

Her channel has over 55K subscribers and she covers “Hair, Food, Product Review; Travel and so much more.”

The dreaded blood stain

Blood stains can be the worst, especially when dry. This YouTuber shows us how to lift dried blood from fabrics and make them disappear.

Her calming voice is also a feature in this video.

Grass stain removal with one-ingredient!

Got kids? Then grass stains are your nemesis. Especially for those parents whose children are into sports. I would love to spoil this video, but you need to see with your own eyes. This short video describes an “everyday” product that can help.

See how grass stains will never be an issue again.

Lifting a wine stain from carpet may seem hard, but it’s surprisingly simple!

This gal did what we all do. She googled how to remove stains and showed us her progress.

To say I am impressed would be an understatement.

With just two simple ingredients, a little wait time and some therapeutic patting and voila. Wine be gone.

Pet diarrhea. Gross.

While there is no real “secret” to lifting this stain, I did enjoy the process and the sound of a running carpet cleaner.

Plus, this guy has no fear when saturating his carpet with soapy water. I can appreciate that!

Nail Polish Drama-ville

You are probably wishing you hadn’t let the little ones use your nail polish. Now you’re faced with a damaging stain on your carpet for life. Wrong. When you watch this video, you’ll be hypnotized. Mainly, because the stain was so bad. But mostly, you feel relief as it disappears.

Feeling better already? Great!

Now take that marinara shirt and remove that stain!