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All cats are a little dramatic, but Ah Fei might be the kitty that takes the cake.

He was rescued from the street by his owner and was given the name Ah Fei, which means “fat” in Mandarin because he’s…well…a little tubby.

But one thing Ah Fei does even better than eating and sleeping is making hilarious, dramatic faces in reaction to pretty much everything he encounters.

Get a load of this guy…he’s definitely one of a kind.

1. He looks worried

2. Uh oh

3. Frightened!

4. Vampire-esque

5. Doomed

6. Help me!

7. He’s fighting back

8. Time bomb

9. Oh boy

10. Yikes!

11. Drama King

12. A rare peaceful moment

13. Down for the count

14. What am I dealing with here?

15. Feed me…please…

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