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While some hospitals highlight superheroes performing window washing, Jason Haney took this idea to a new level for the children at an Indiana hospital. Haney is a construction worker who assisted on a new wing for Memorial Children’s hospital in South Bend and decided to have fun with the little patients with the classic game of “Where’s Waldo”.

Photo Credit: Today

Every couple of days, Haney would hide an 8-foot cutout of the man in the red- and white-striped shirt, Waldo, throughout different parts of the unfinished building.

The kids had a blast looking for Waldo and Haney told TODAY “I can’t believe a simple piece of wood can bring so much happiness,’

A spokeswoman said, “It really helps take their mind off what they’re going through for a couple minutes, and it’s been very heartwarming.”

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It all started when Haney built a snowman with a hard hat and the kids went crazy for it. Him and his daughter had the idea to make a life sized Waldo out of plywood, and it became a huge hit. Even now that the wing is completed, Waldo is still on display for the kids.

Haney and his wife have personal experience with the children’s hospital due to their own daughter. She had suffered a stroke while in utero, and the damage to her brain could have prevented her from learning past a third-grade level.

“It was the worst news possible,” Haney said. “We were shocked, but the brain is amazing, and it righted itself.”

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But in a miracle, his daughter defied all odds and went on to graduate high school and has since moved on to college.

And the Haneys decided to pay it forward.

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I’d say it paid off.