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Finland has an interesting and forward-thinking concept called Everyman’s rights.

‘This gives you the right to roam freely in natural areas like forests, fells, lakes and rivers, without permission from landowners.”

This “unwritten code” is due to the vast forest covering a majority of the country. About three-quarters of Finland is covered by forest so it would make sense this creed exists today.

Ossi Saarinen, a wildlife photographer, lives by this code and captures his amazing countryside showing just how enchanting his home country is. Through his photography, he captures the peaceful forests and beautiful animals, making you feel as though you stepped into Narnia!

Not only is the landscape breathtaking, so are the incredible animals roaming the land.

The shots are truly remarkable.

And completely adorable…

And sometimes the animals can look genuinely surprised…

We see you!

Yeah, you too!

While some look regal AF!

Soaring like a god!

And others are… awwwwww!

Follow him on Instagram for more on his art or if you want to imagine living with the foxes and squirrels amongst the worlds most beautiful forests.