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Parenting is an honor. A person or persons are willing to sacrifice their own time and life to care for their children. But when the glow of being a new mom or dad fades… parenting is downright hard.

This French artist started illustrating those hilariously frustrating moments into comics since 2014. Her Instagram is titled: “I’m Héloïse Weiner and I haven’t slept in 7 years ?” and these comics prove that.

You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll cry because these are so relatable!

10. “A child’s guide to avoiding getting dressed”

9. Silencing the shocking questions

8. Breastfeeding Myths

7. When you give up spazzing over every little thing

6. The thrill of a dad being a “dad.” 🙂

5. Losing less sleep. #winning

4. You have the most beautiful baby. No one gets that.

3. Success with a baby sling is exhilarating until it isn’t.

2. No more alone time

1. Where did they get that foul mouth?

I’d say she depicted parenting wonderfully.