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Have you ever been hungry for a McDonald’s hamburger, but your cash supply was low? Even scrapping for change you still come up short. So annoying!

Well, you might be in luck if your McDonalds has a self-service kiosk option.

Two friends in Australia visited their local Maccas (McDonalds Downunder) to prove you can eat for free. Maccas wants to push their self-service model, and it appears they offer a $1 discount per burger if you order at least 10.

But who needs ten, when it’s just you?

“We’re here at Maccas. It’s me and my friend, Matthias,” the man operating the camera phone says. “We’re here and we want the dollar hamburger, right? Actually, we want ten of them.”

They punch in their order – but then they customize the burgers, ordering all ten without the burger. Meatless.

Then they go back and order a simple hamburger, with meat. The total shows they owe $14.30, but as they complete their order and receive the awarded discounts (from ordering 10 and from taking the meat off the burgers), their balance turns to $0!

“When it gets to this screen we find all the patty-less burgers had a $1.10 taken off them. So they’re all negative $.10…leaving the total at $0.”

The end of the video shows these two friends unwrapping their meal to find their 1 burger and 10 bun/topping sandwich/non-burgers. It may be a waste of food, but this is one hack McDonald’s should look into!

Lol, ingenuity at its finest.