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Now, this is the life…or at least it seems like it. Daisuke Nagasawa is a cat lover and a traveler. So he combined his two interests and he travels all over Japan with his two faithful companions, Daikichi and Fuku-Chan.

The trio has traveled all over Japan for the last 8 years and visited over 1,000 destinations. How’d he get started on the epic adventure? Well, Fuku-Chan was misbehaving in pet care to the point where the place wouldn’t take the cat in anymore, so Nagasawa decided he would just take both of his cats on a trip around Japan.

The cats like to travel in a stroller or in Nagasawa’s backpack.

Take a look at this group on some of their excellent adventures!

1. Fuku-Chan

2. Daikichi

3. All aboard!

4. A new friend

5. Away we go!

6. Through the snow

7. Out for a stroll

8. Hiking

9. Waterfalls

10. At the temple

11. Majestic

12. Under the bridge

13. Merry Christmas

14. On the beach

15. Excellent!

Dream life? Check!