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The holiday season may be passed, but this 2018 Christmastime commercial will get your tear ducts working no matter the time of year.

John Lewis & Partners, a leading retailer in the UK, has taken us on a Christmas spirit journey through commercials since 2007. And each year you need to be equipped with a healthy dose of tissues.

This year they focused on the life and times of Sir Elton John. His final tour, named “Farewell to the Yellow Brick Road”, inspired the commercial, as we are transported from Elton’s days as a huge star all the way back to when it began as a child.

His iconic hit Your Song carries us through his history from small club performances to stadium sellouts while accentuating his eccentric style.

But what does this all mean? John Lewis’ holiday campaigns always carries a Christmas message and this one hits the heart.

Go grab those tissues – we won’t tell!