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Camera phones make taking photos of your kids much easier. Gone are the days where you’d bring out the family camera for special occasions, snap a roll of film and patiently wait for them to be developed.

But what are you capturing? Are they fun and interesting? Will your child be thrilled to see them as youngsters when they are adults?

This Japanese father-of-two is upstaging parents worldwide. Yota shoots his kids with the lens but captures them in fairytale landscapes and adventurous illustrations.

With his talented drawing skills, this awesome dad takes his boys (who are one and three) far beyond the back yard and into fantasy. Take a peek.

10. Jessie from Toy Story

9. Batman… errrr Batbaby!

8. Princess Mononoke!

7. Bee Keeper

6. Rockstar

5. Flying Dragon

4. We all love mermaids

3. Fabulous

2. Olympic shout out

1. Energizer baby

Any parents with photo envy?

Yeah, me too..