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Glennon Doyle is a very smart mama.

She understands the value of real attention, not the kind where you’re on your phone and sort of listening to your friends. So at her house, there’s a very strict policy: She and her wife hold on to ALL the phones when their kids have people over.

From the post:

I love my kids’ friends so much that I want them to talk to each other at our house. So Abby and I have them check their phones at the door. Which we can do cause we’re the bosses of this house. They all act exasperated but seem interestingly relieved. Then, after a minute, they look at each other. And talk. And dance and laugh and stuff. And they remember that they are with their friends so there is no need to be anywhere else.

It’s a pretty simple policy to implement. Phones in the basket please.

With studies coming out showing smartphone usage hurting teens emotional health, ideas like Doyle’s are more important than ever.

Because being tethered to a device sucks.

But enjoying the sun and soaking up that vitamin D? Yeah, let’s get more of that please.

Or singing songs…

Or crushing birthdays…

Or dancing with your favorite gal…

So put those devices down and spend some quality time with those you love.

The phones can wait until we need them. In fact, that’s what they do best.