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Wow…that’s rough…

Telling your own kid that they’re not beautiful?

Is that taking things too far?

Take a look at this mom’s story and see if you think she went too far.

AITA for telling my 14-year-old daughter that she’s average-looking?

“I (F39) have a very insecure daughter (F14) who has a depressingly unhealthy obsession with her looks.

This doesn’t sound good…

She often avoids mirrors and pictures because her mood instantly drains when she sees herself.

She constantly asks her father and me if we think she’s pretty and we always tell her the same thing, that she’s a beautiful girl inside and out.

As I understand how most teenage girls are with their body image as I was one at some point myself, my daughter’s vanity is not only becoming exhausting to those around her, but I fear it’s causing her to slowly lose herself.

She wanted to set the record straight.

Yesterday, I decided to sit her down to chat with her about this, to discuss what’s bothering her, and to see if she’s willing to visit a therapist.

She told me she didn’t want to talk about it, but as her mother, of course, I’m going to be worried about her, so I insisted. She finally agreed.

A few minutes into this conversation, she asked exactly this, “Mom, I want you to be completely honest with me. That means no sugar coating.

The kids at my school think I’m ugly and say I look like a bird because I have a big nose. Do you really think I’m beautiful, or are you just lying?”

And then she said it…

I’m an honest person, so I gave her the most honest answer I had.

I told her she was average-looking like most people in the world are, and that it’s not a bad thing to have an average appearance.

She immediately got up and left without saying a word and just went into her room for the rest of the night.

Today, she has been cold and distant, and I think I upset her, which wasn’t my intention at all.


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Whoa, that was harsh…

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