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Full disclosure: I don’t have kids. I have pets, and it’s for a reason.

This SNL sketch is the reason.

The night before Mother’s Day, Emma Thompson, who is utter perfection in everything, was hosting.

Naturally, they put together a skit called “The Perfect Mom.”

The sketch stars Heidi Gardner as a young mother and Thompson as her older, wiser mother. Gardner is clearly overwhelmed, and the room is covered in toys. Her husband takes the baby so she could have a moment with her mom.

Photo Credit: NBC

And that’s where the hilarity begins.

“I don’t know how you did it,” says Gardner. “You were always so calm and sweet with me.”

“That’s because every moment was a joy,” says Thompson.

Cut to a flashback of Thompson as a young mother screaming at her daughter.

Photo Credit: NBC

As the skit progresses, the flashbacks get even better.

There’s Thompson yelling at her daughter because she got paint all over the f**king tv.

There’s Thompson losing it at a chaotic kid’s birthday party.

And my personal favorite, after her daughter compliments her on always being put together, is Thompson dragging out a trash can with a baby in one arm. And no pants.

“Enjoying the show, Cheryl?” she yells at her neighbor.

Photo Credit: NBC

As the sketch progresses, we see a few flashbacks from the daughter: she and her husband arguing over a toy, she and her husband in the bedroom (he’s on his phone, she’s pumping breastmilk).

Photo Credit: NBC

Thompson advises her to cherish every moment over more hilarious flashbacks.

As the skit draws to a close, SNL dedicates the show to all the moms in the world.

“To us you were perfect, even when you weren’t.”

So true.

Check it out here:

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