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Blizzard and Lulu are brothers and sister and best friends, but they’re also total opposites. Blizzard is a huge Saint Bernard and Lulu is a tiny Japanese Chin.

The two go everywhere together, and no matter where they go, little Lulu’s preferred mode of transport is to hitch a ride on big Blizzard’s back.

The two are a hit on Instagram where they currently have 32,500 followers.

Let’s get to know this dynamic duo, shall we?

1. Out in the fields

2. Among the wildflowers

3. Close up

4. Brother and sister

5. Love the sweater

6. Hitchin’ a ride

7. Scenic

8. Mountain dogs

9. Pumpkin patch

10. Going to see a friend

11. In the wild

12. Hiking

13. Companions

14. Beauties

15. BFF

Brother and sister BFFs!