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Sometimes Twitter is terrible. That doesn’t mean I don’t check it obsessively, though.

Because sometimes, something amazing happens. Like this thread!

Twitter user Walter Thunderfläsk posted this tweet, and the responses are gold:


I feel like there’s more to this story than Walter is telling us.

Anyway, folks came up with some rad stories. Here’s another one about an animal “attack:”

I would have loved to see her Mum getting back that loaf of bread. Here’s another story from a guy who saved a space shuttle:

He says it like it’s no big deal.

There are a few celebrity encounters. Here’s one:

Here’s another one, were a celebrity got a bit spicy:

Of course, we needed more details. Here’s the rest of the story:

And there’s this impressive survival story:

What about you? Do you have any true stories that sound like lies?

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