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Let’s face it. We don’t deserve dogs. They are delightful, fluffy, and they look at us with such love – or sometimes they give us those soulful eyes. Either way, we can’t resist them!

Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, here are 19 tweets that show dogs being their very best selves. Because who doesn’t need a few more dog tweets?

1. So dapper

2. The cute is strong with this one

3. Oh, those clothes!

4. Microwaves are magic

5. Who’s a good boy?

6. He’s not even sorry

7. True love

8. My heart

9. They’re always making friends

10. I couldn’t handle this

11. He tried

12. He made the sign

13. Who doesn’t like to be tucked in?

14. I, too, love donuts

15. So pure

16. They need your attention immediately

17. Dog greetings are the best greetings

18. This pup is a gift

19. It’s nicer than my car

Give dogs all the hugs. They deserve them!