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Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

Gee, thanks…

My sisters used to work as waitresses and they told me that sometimes that, instead of tips, they’d get religious pamphlets with advice about how to get to Heaven or something like that…

And this reminded me of those stories!

A waitress named Syd posted a video on TikTok about what happened at her waitressing job when a seemingly-affluent diner gave her a bit of a surprise.

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

Syd said that the man said to her, “‘I’m not gonna give you a tip. I’m gonna give you a LIFE tip. Here’s my business card, go back to school.’”

Syd replied to the man, “I do appreciate that, I am currently in an MBA program. So I appreciate the business card but I won’t be needed.”

The customer then said to her, “‘You don’t need to get defensive. It’s 2 pm. I know you’re not in school.’”

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

The man then told Syd that he was the Assistant Dean of a college and she replied, “‘Unfortunately, I already have the degree that you’re admitting for. So this is just not helpful for me. I’m in my master’s program. So I appreciate the life tip I’m actually a couple of steps ahead of you. But I’m going to walk away now and well that’s life sometimes. At least I know a degree from your school would pay really well clearly.”

What a weird interaction…

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

Here’s the video.


THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED ONCE #server #serverlife #customerservice #restaurant

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And here’s what people had to say.

This TikTokker is confused by this whole thing…

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Another person has been through something similar.

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

And one viewer shared a serving story…

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

Stuff it, buddy!

That is not cool!