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Domino’s Pizza learned a hard lesson recently: customers will go to extreme lengths to get free pizza for life. In August, pizza lovers in Russia got fired up over a two-month long promotion that gave a chance to win 100 free pizzas per year for 100 years.

The catch?

Tattoo the Domino’s Pizza logo anywhere on their bodies. Then, post the tattoo on social media with the promotional hashtag and link.

“I hate pizza,” said no one ever, and Instagrammed tats of the Domino’s logo on ankles, forearms and wrists flooded the Russian information superhighway.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Fans of free food in Russia ate this idea up.

But in a shocking twist, Domino’s decided permanent body art does not earn permanent free pizza. Only the first 350 inked pie hard lovers were eligible for the promotion.

This will likely be the last time Domino’s Pizza approves any idea from the marketing department after they return from a liquid lunch – or fail to take the state of the economy during promotion time under consideration. According to the Wall Street Journal, “A stagnant economy has left average disposable incomes stuck around $500 a month in Russia.”

What now for the people who forked over the dough for tattoos only to get shut down? At the very least, they have a sob story to tell that just might get a comrade to hand over a sympathy slice.