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Here’s some life advice for you: if someone is cooking for you, just shut your trap and enjoy it.

Those are words to live by, my friends!

And the guy you’re about to hear from had enough grief from his wife about the mess he makes when he cooks so he decided to teach her a lesson.

Check out what he did!

Don’t make work for me.

“I like to cook. And it does make a bit of a mess. But I clean up as I go.

I might be simmering something for 30 minutes so I take a little time to clean up.

His wife isn’t exactly cool with it…

In the end, I have very nice food.

But if I leave the final pot in the sink, even while we are eating, my wife will complain that I ‘make work for her’.

I just say that I think it is fair for her to clean one pot after I spend all the time cooking and cleaning or she can just wait until I get it.

She says that cooking is my hobby and she does not need it as she can survive on cottage cheese and toast without making a huge mess.

I should do all the work myself.

So I decided to test this out.

I went to the store and got all the ingredients for cod stew.

I rarely make this because the ingredients cost nearly $40 or about $8 to $10 per serving.

I hope you like it!

I made the stew and filled the house with the wonderful smells.

I cleaned up everything while it was simmering.

Then I got myself a bowl and put the rest of the stew away and washed the pot.

Then I came in for service and set down with my steaming bowl of cod stew and set her a bowl of cottage cheese and side of toast.”

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No stew for you!

You gotta love it!