100 Year Old BFFs Share Their Thoughts On Pop Culture.

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Can you imagine the future? More specifically, what your life will be like 40, 50, or 60 years down the road? We've seen incredible leaps in technology over the last few years. One wonders, as a patent office commissioner is said to have mused in 1899, if there is anything of worth left to invent.

Whether you're thinking of mobile technology, space probes, or if we'll ever have flying cars, à la The Jetsons, it seems we've reached a plateau of creativity. Sure, new apps come out and our favorite cell phone gets new bells and whistles, but are these really inventions? Many add something to our lives, but when was the last time you recall something truly groundbreaking coming along? 

Previous generations witnessed the invention of the telephone, the car, the airplane, and rockets to transport humanity into outer space. Lately though, we mainly have remakes of those greats, like 4K televisions and sliced Hawaiian bread. No complaints, I just want to believe there is more creativity in our collective consciousness than the newest iteration of music streaming.

Imagine what it would be like to have some of those useful gadgets from sci-fi films. A mouthpiece-only scuba rig, a working jet pack, or even teleportation. We once thought much of the technology from shows like Star Trek were far-fetched, but now we have tablets more powerful than most early '90s computers and, Google Glass ... well, nearly. 

After filling your head with all of this, imagine surviving into the distant future with a dear friend. What will you discuss about what's new in the world? How will you integrate it into your life? Whatever may come, I hope you can do as these cute ladies do and transport your sense of humor along with you.

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