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Cat saves baby from fall.

Baby and swim instructor take quick break.

Yorkie attacks baby boy.
Baby goes bananas.
It’s the firetruck!

Toddler girl snacks and dances to Beyonce.

Toddler wears GoPro during hide-and-seek.
Toddler’s perfect secret spot.

Baby’s reaction to throat singing.

Single mom adopts 4 biological siblings.

Newborn kisses.
All aboard the Puppy Express!

Precious toddler is a mommy’s girl.

Dog and toddler making adorable racket.

Toddler and dog nap time.
Deer comes running when human baby cries.

Cat jumps over baby gate like a pro

Baby and puppy share toy.
Babies doing push-ups with their daddies.

Cat is clearly annoyed by baby.