14 Years After 9/11, The New World Trade Center Observatory Is A Symbol Of Hope

May 24, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Building up to the May 29 opening of the One World Observatory, every source of anticipation to whet the public's appetite is being employed since the trip to the top might be difficult, if not unbearable, for some. The top of 1 World Trade Center features a three-level observatory that is both beautiful, considering what it now is, and somber, for what it once was and now stands to represent.

Legends Hospitality was selected as the operator and developer and worked with architectural firm Montroy Andersen DeMarco and designers and producers at Hettema Group and Blur Studio to create the gorgeous structure. The focus is on the show that stands outside the building and the new observatory offers an even better view than the old one did. The inside is well done, but very understated so as not to take away from New York City's skyline and views.

To venture to the observatory, it costs $32, and the breathtaking views stretch 50 miles past the Manhattan skyline. There is also a mobile device that can be rented (another $15) that gives visitors the exact location they are looking towards and narrates something about that portion of the city as they tour the observatory.
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