15 Cool Things You Can Do With Binder Clips.

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On the surface, there’s nothing more boring than a binder clip. They can clip papers together, but that’s about it. So what’s the big deal? Well, these guys have figured out that there’s a lot more to your typical binder clip than meets the eye. In fact, there are 15 more things. This video shows 15 life hacks that are only possible with the boring, old binder clip. 

So what could some of these hacks be? They range everywhere from a prop to hold up your smartphone vertically to a device that keeps your electronic cords from getting tangled. Personally, my favorite use of these clips is to keep plugs from falling onto the floor. That is one hack that I’m definitely going to try. 

We would recommend trying all of these, with maybe the exception of the last one. Just make sure there is an adult around if you are going to begin shooting binder clips all over the place, otherwise it might end up looking something like this. Are these binder clip hacks cool enough for you to want to try?