82-Year-Old Man Rides The Same Roller Coaster A Record 5,000 Times.

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Vic Kleman, 82, prefers to sit in the fifth seat of the train when riding the Jack Rabbit roller coaster at Kennywood in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. How does this 82-year-old know which seat he wants? Well, for several reasons, but the first being that he has ridden the ride 5,000 times. And, on the day he hit that milestone, he also set a personal record of 95 rides in a single day. The latter was done in honor of the roller coaster's 95th birthday. He also prefers to sit in the middle because it's a "smoother ride" and he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that, "if you're gonna ride over the wheels for any length of time, you're gonna hurt."

In preparation for his 95-ride run, he ate very little the night before so he didn't even have to take bathroom breaks. Friends from the American Coaster Enthusiasts were on hand to give him water between rides. They also had a medic and defibrillator on hand. He started riding at 10:53 a.m. and did not leave his seat until 7:17 p.m., when he had met his mark. He said that he made sure to move his legs throughout the day to avoid getting stiff.

The coaster is the world's fifth oldest and was designed in 1920 with a finished cost of $50,000. Although its current trains have been in place since 1951, the track itself (its design) remains unchanged.