A 73-Year-Old Man Attempts To Break A Bungee Jumping World Record

Jun 20, 2015
To see Ray Woodcock, you might have a few guesses as to his vocation. You might guess that he's a retiree, a grandfather or a pensioner who stays active. And, you'd be correct, but it's unlikely you'd ever guess that 73-year-old Woodcock has just earned himself a new official title as the British record holder for the highest bungee jump into a body of water. The death-defying jump from 465 feet up in the air is suspected to be a new world record, but it has to be ratified.

Woodcock said in a Daily Mail interview, "My son asked 'how ... did you survive that?' and I said I've got plenty more living to do kid, don't worry about that." We love Ray Woodcock's attitude on making his golden years truly shine.
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