A Car Without A Steering Wheel

Sep 13, 2015 By Erin Marie McDonald
Detroiters know their hometown as, "the city that moves the world." It's a car city, and most would say it is the only one. If you were to ever visit Motown, you'd be hard pressed to find a single soul who didn't have a personal connection or tie into Ford, GM or Chrysler, better known as the Big Three, or one of their suppliers.

Since the companies were founded, they have been dreaming up new models, incorporating all of the latest technological advancements into their cars. Sometimes things make it to production, like the Chevy Volt and sometimes things fall to the wayside, like Ford's replacement to the steering wheel featured in this video. Either way, dream on Detroiters. Know that we too hope for better things and can't wait to see you drive us into the future.

Video Pro Tip: Look closely as she "backs" into the parking spot, and you'll see a car driving in reverse.
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