A Chipmunk Demonstrates The Importance Of A Morning Stretch

Mar 16, 2015
Do ever wake up feeling tired and sluggish? Are you groggy for hours after that alarm goes off? Then, you may be in need of some morning stretching to get the blood pumping. Luckily, Bikke the chipmunk has got you covered. Get ready for the most adorable morning yoga you've ever seen, because his morning routine has taken the internet by storm and over 600,000 people have already seen the video.

Aside from the lightheartedness of this video, a light stretch in the morning really does have many health benefits. A lot of daily aches and pains are caused by an increase in fluids in the joints and spinal discs from sleeping horizontally overnight. A gentle stretch works wonders to alleviate those symptoms, so take a page from Bikke's book and stretch.
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