A Comedian Makes A Witty Parody Of The Ads Used By Junk Food Companies

Jul 16, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
If there's something that most parents can probably agree on, it's that the state of the food being served to their kids at school is more or less a nutritional nightmare. Thanks to budget cuts to lunch programs as well as lobbyists for food companies pushing to do things like say frozen microwave pizza counts as a required daily serving of vegetables due to the tomatoes in the sauce (this is, sadly, not made up). As a result, the meals being served in school cafeterias today are generally all junk food loaded with fats, sugars and preservatives - not exactly the best nutritional foundation on which to build a healthy growing body.

In an effort to spread awareness on the growing rate of serious health problems in children, the American Heart Association teamed up with comedian Nick Offerman (of "Parks and Recreation" fame) and Funny or Die to make a satirical version of the kind of ads that lobbyists often use to sway voters and legislators, with Offerman playing a food expert imploring lawmakers to give kids "the healthy futures they deserve." He tours a "pizza farm" that grows real pizzas, taquitos ("soaking up the minerals and vitamins from the sun before we pick them "), sloppy joes and more to show how natural the food in school lunches really is.
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