A Dad With Cancer Is Making It His Mission To Help Others With The Disease

Mar 17, 2015
Garth Callaghan is known for writing love notes on napkins, which he places in his child's lunchbox. Callaghan has been packing his daughter Emma's lunch since kindergarten. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2011, it occurred to him that this small gesture that meant so much to him and his daughter would come to an end much sooner than he intended. And as the now viral story goes, he vowed to write 826 notes so that there is one for every day of school Emma has left, until she graduates.

Three additional cancer diagnoses later, Callaghan remains strong and has taken his note-writing campaign to a new level. He now journals daily on the patientslikeme.com website, where he hopes he can help someone who has a similar fate. Patientslikeme offers anyone with health concerns the chance to share their health experiences and support each other to "take back their health."
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