A Different Sort Of Stampede

Dec 17, 2015 By Archit Tripathi

I've seen a lot in my day - I once drove within sight of a tornado, once witnessed a live stampede of zebras and I've even been lucky enough to marvel at the sight of the Grand Canyon. I can honestly say after seeing this video, however, that I've never seen anything quite like that. 

Tom Forwood Jr., a resident of Bozeman, Montana recorded this video of the aftermath of a windstorm which resulted in thousands of tumbleweeds just rolling on by. Tumbleweed is something I'm used to seeing in a single, solitary roll across the screen just before epic Western gunfights in the movies, so this was definitely extraordinary to see. Forwood says that the storm that brought this "stampede" also resulted in a 19 degree drop in temperature over a span of just 15 minutes.

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