A High School Basketball Team Surprises Their Opponents With An Unbelievable Gesture

Mar 3, 2015
When most high school basketball teams play, the gym is packed with fans from both sides. But this is never the case when the Gainesville Tornadoes play. This is a team of students who, because of their good behavior, are allowed to leave their campus to play basketball. These boys reside at the juvenile facility for felony offenders in Gainesville, Texas. Students from the institution cannot attend games to cheer on their team for obvious reasons and parents of these students do not seem to "make the effort" to be at games either.

In a recent game between the Tornadoes and Vanguard College Prep from Waco, Texas, the Tornadoes were in for a surprise. Two leaders on Vanguard's team, Hudson Bradley and Ben Martinson, decided that playing without fans just "didn't seem right" and requested something from their own fans that the Tornadoes will likely never forget. This is sportsmanship at its best.
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