A Leopard Kitten Takes An Absolutely Adorable Bath

Mar 26, 2015
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo was greeted by a newborn male, clouded leopard kitten on March 7, 2015. Clouded leopards are an endangered species, having only 87 clouded leopards living at a total of 22 accredited zoos and institutions.

The baby leopard is the first kitten to be born from the two 4-year-old leopards Yim and Malee, who first arrived at the zoo in 2011. He was also the first clouded leopard to actually be born at Lowry Park Zoo, which is a great milestone for the zoo and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Clouded Leopard Species Survival Plan (SSP).

Not long after the birth of this kitten, zoo animal-care staff were eager to start monitoring him, working round-the-clock to keep him in good health. For the time being, the baby leopard will be nurtured at Lowry Park Zoo for approximately three months, until the AZA SSP finds him a new home.
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