A Look At Roswell's Bizarre Aircraft Boneyard

Jun 15, 2015 By Houston Barber
Most jet airplanes look invincible, but just like us, airplanes have to retire, too. And when they do, they come to this isolated facility in a New Mexico town with a reputation that far outweighs its population. It all takes place at the Roswell International Air Center, the former home of a strategic airfield during WWII. Here, former jets from American Airlines are torn, ripped and gutted by manually operated machines, which might be the most fun job in the world.

Roswell is also infamously known for the UFO incident in 1947. Even today, folks travel to the small town in hopes of seeing the mysterious object return. But, to the disappointment of many conspiracy theorists, the UFO was later revealed to just be an Air Force surveillance balloon. Or maybe that's just what the government wants you to believe.
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