A Mom Is Reunited With Her Daughter 49 Years After Being Told She Died At Birth

Apr 11, 2015
Imagine being told on one of the biggest days of your life, the day your child is born, that he or she was unable to survive, only to discover decades later that your baby is alive and somewhere out there in the world. This is what happened to Zella Jackson Price. The 76-year-old woman from Olivette, Missouri spent over half of her life believing that her baby girl had died the day she was born.

In an amazing twist of events, her little girl, who is now a 49-year-old woman, is alive and well and has finally been reunited with her long-lost mother. Price's daughter, Melanie, has wanted to find her biological mother for quite some time, and was absolutely over the moon when her dream came true. Having confirmed their status as mother and daughter with a DNA test, the two women are embarking on a mission to find out how they were separated 49 years ago.
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