A Race Between Two Marbles Is Surprisingly Dramatic

May 16, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Two competitors take their place on the track and start running. They're evenly matched, it seems, because they go neck and neck for most of the race. Each time one seems to have built up a lead, the other one somehow finds the will to win and picks up the pace. It goes back and forth like this for a long time. Any gamblers with a wager on this race are on the edge of their seats. Nearing the home stretch, the result seems all but clinched until one racer pulls a surprise upset to finish first.

This incredibly tense race wasn't from the annals of NASCAR, the Kentucky Derby or the Olympics, but rather a race between two marbles on a toy track. Marble racing is a popular children's activity, but this particular race has caught the attention of several hundred thousand viewers on YouTube, due to the "competitiveness" of these two marbles. Users on Reddit have been positing several well-educated theories to predict the winner, but so far haven't got anything conclusive as to why this particular race was so tense.
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