A Rescued Flying Fox Bat Is Pampered With Fresh Grapes.

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Australian YouTube user, Megabattie, recently uploaded a video of a female, grey-headed flying fox enjoying different varieties of grapes. He is a flying fox rescuer and cares for the bats until they are ready for release.

Due to the large bat population in Australia, many rescuers and carers are needed especially during times of high heat. The country has very specific requirements for those that are allowed to work with the bats and how to handle a situation if one is encountered by a person who is not trained.

The grey-headed flying fox is a megabat that is native to Australia. It is the largest bat in Australia and is mostly known to live in the south-eastern forested areas of the continent. It has a dark grey body with a lighter grey head and a reddish-brown neck collar of fur. The average wingspan of an adult is up to 3.3 feet (1 m), and the bats can weigh up to just over 2 pounds.