A Scared And Injured Pig Responds Beautifully To A Soothing Lullaby.

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At EARTH animal sanctuary in central Illinois, they believe that every animal deserves respect, transformation and hope. Although they love and care for all sorts of animals, they have 11 rescued pot-bellied pigs.

This sweet 9-month-old pig, named Bentley, is the youngest and smallest among them. On the morning of February 23, the staff at EARTH went to get Bentley up to feed him his breakfast and they found him in an unresponsive state of shock. He had a seizure and was later diagnosed with very rare (and sometimes fatal) bacterial meningitis.

With only a 10 percent chance of survival, he has endured surgery and multiple treatments, but has survived. He is still recovering in the hospital and has lost his eyesight. Loud noises scare him now, so the staff has found that singing lullabies is one way to calm him. Like all pigs, Bentley is very smart and responds to love like anyone would.