A Sea Lion Does Something Unexpectedly Cute With These Kayakers

Feb 18, 2015
Rodney and Lisa Gist decided a Valentine's Day trip to Santa Barbara, CA would be fun for the whole family. Upon arriving, they rented two kayaks and by around 2 PM, they were paddling around Sterns Warf with their three kids. Suddenly, Rodney and two of his children felt something gently pushing from behind. As 10-year-old LeeLee felt the boat rock, she looked back to see that they had a new passenger.

A sea lion pup had climbed aboard. Rodney was initially uneasy and he described his wife and 8-year-old daughter (watching on with mom) as "freaking out," since the pup was a wild animal. But after a few minutes aboard, the pup was snuggling Rodney and even trying to climb onto his lap.
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