A Simple "Magic Door" Prank Leaves Onlookers Stumped

Mar 7, 2015
Rahat Hossain, best known by his YouTube name "MagicofRahat," is a magician and prankster with over 3.5 million subscribers. He rose to fame with his "Invisible Driver" prank, in which he disguised himself as a car seat and went to a drive-thru restaurant. It was seen 41 million times and got him featured in major media.

More recently, he gave a "winning" lottery ticket to a homeless man named Eric. The ticket was a dud, but he arranged for the clerk to act like he won and give the man $1000. Afterwards, Rahat (and the online community) were so taken by Eric's personality, they began crowdfunding for him, and eventually got him a job and a house. Rahat hasn't forgotten his pranking roots though, and this video is a prime example.
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